It’s such an important thing to figure out what you are passionate about. But that isn’t always the easiest thing to figure out.

Then I heard this quote. What in your life, are you willing to die for? Now you may be at the point, you are not willing to die for anything. But if you are in that spot, are you at least willing to keep yourself alive?

Maybe this quote can be both simple and complex all in the same moment. If you are not at the point where you have something meaningful outside of yourself that you…

Hey there. Today

I want to talk about the “Second half.”

Now if you were any sort of a sporting event fan like football

soccer, whatever.

Maybe there are always some sort of predefined times that

you start a game.

And then there’s a pause like a half time or some sort of

a break period, and then it’s that second half, right?

It’s that final quarter, or last half, its the

closeout time before the game is done. Right before the Victor

is determined and the loser is also determined. And I was

thinking about this morning because in…

What is inspiration? I like to think I know what inspiration is, or what inspires me, but I guess my answer would be different than what most people would say. When my friend asked me, “what person fully inspires you,” I was not able to give any specific person.

No one person fully inspires me, but there were shadows of inspiration from many people. Don’t get me wrong; there are people I swoon over like anyone else, Michael Jordan, the Beatles, Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson, to name a few. I can find people in my immediate life, like parents…

It’s crazy what siblings will do to each other and for each other. From the days of Cain and Abel to the Kardashian-Jenners, we have seen it all. Love, hate, murder, and so much in between. Siblings have become best friends, most hated enemies, and the source of so many bad and good roommate stories.

There is a unique bond that living with someone for so long does for you.

It is one of the first places a sibling gets to experience their first emotional bonds. Siblings get to see what sets each other off, brings pain and tears, brings…

When you hear the words, “Catch and release,” I wonder what the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the 2006 #JenniferGarner rom-com? Is it the more intense situation happening on the border with crossings? Or if you are the outdoorsy type, maybe it is related to fishing. Where you catch a fish and then unhook it back into the water. (i.e., release it).

As you can see by the picture of my one-year-old, I caught him cookie-handed and yet released him to finish his findings, though we did remove the creme filling so that he would go…

I love a good cry. I cry when something moves me in a movie. Or when I read something profound in a book or piece of poetry. There have been moments when I have watched a family member achieve something, or when I got to watch my children take their first steps. I have cried at things that don’t even make sense. Cartoons have brought me to tears more than once, and yet I see no shame in the overproducing of liquid coming from my tear ducts. No, I love crying. I love the power of a good cry. …

I read an interesting observation the other day. It said, “cancer cells do not know they are cancer. They just think they are normal cells.” (Lakhiani, Vishen. The Buddha and the Badass: the Secret Spiritual Art of Succeeding at Work. Rodale, 2020.) I got to thinking about this. Wow, so if a cancer cell doesn’t think anything is particularly wrong with itself, it continues to grow as any other cell would.

My mind began racing thinking of persons in my life and my workplace that identified as the “problems” or, unfortunately, “the cancers.” And this started to help give me…

If you’re anything like me, you open in your medicine cabinet, and you realize the mess that you see here. So many medicines, so many pills, so many syrups & liquids, and so many cremes, lotions, ointments, and yet, why? Why do we have so many things in our medicine cabinets? And if you dive into the more profound shame of it all, you start to see the even scarier reality that you may have duplicates, and even worse, you have expired meds. Not just last month, or even a few months, we are talking years expired. I remember finding…

Tom Strecker

When you hear the word monsoon, you probably think rain. Lots of rain, flash floods, too much water, unbearable storms, that pound the area and relentlessly fall to the ground. And while there are more technically sound definitions that are related to “reversing winds, seasonal changes, and atmospheric things,” the monsoon is what it is.

If you have ever been fortunate to live or visit a tropical climate for an extended period, you may have experienced a “monsoon-like” phenomenon, where heavy rain will pour down relentlessly for a short period. However, while it is happening, it feels like it is…

Santosh Mathew

Geek. Mentor. Father. 2–3 minute topics every day on the gram.

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