Radical Fake Dystopian Outrage

Polarization used to be for politics. Now it is in everything we interact with. It’s in science, somehow it’s weaseled it’s way into medicine, and unfortunately it is now driving a majority of the planet’s feelings.

And yet, this divisiveness has been somewhat been brought out to the forefront via a lovely concept our Diversity and Inclusion folks like to talk about which is our “Unconscious Bias”. While those words have lots of different permutations and meanings for different organizations and individuals, let’s take a moment to think about it.

We have access to so many peoples’ thoughts. We hear them in the forms of blogs, posts, tweets, snaps, tik toks, and so many other avenues. I see so many more faces and expressions than ever before. At one point we had the “free leader of the world” tweeting so consistently that most people and media industries were driven to do some unexplainable things just to stay relevant to irrelevancy. And now, I am supposed to process it all? And worse, I am just supposed to process it the way the “majority”, or those with the loudest voice do?

But what about my individuality? Doesn’t that count? To be individual is now more polarizing than ever. I fear, just as annoying and short on patience we are with politicians, cause we change them out like underwear, we are so much worse to the “individual” that is around us.

That means even those closest to you are within the crosshairs of you being annoyed with them, not giving them the time of day, or even worse you dismiss and disown their person or their thoughts.

How did we get here? You can blame politicians all you want. You can blame your parents or those you grew up with. You can blame your job, your school, your “fill-in-the-blank”. But let’s be real, while not everything is in your control, one thing is at your disposal to take back. That is your mind. Your mind, your choices, your thoughts. You choose to fill them with this radical fake dystopian outrage. You choose to give those around you with bad ideas power by saying yes to everything they tell you.

You would rather not “ruffle” feathers. You just want to get along. But that is not how progress works. Progress doesn’t muffle whole societies, races, or communities. Progress is an inside out type of change that comes from people working really hard to change hearts and minds. Not demanding that you follow along blindly.

It is coming. Do you feel it? Those radical folks that take every “Yes” with a grain of “prove it to me”, and those “No’s” that you know are going to take a lot more convincing then, “just trust me”.

Rising up is a generation of verifiers, and blind trust will no longer be as readily accessible. The previous generations that our governments worked so hard to create trust with, are now leaving their jobs, their influences, & their power. And those who have lazily inherited power are too slow to realize that you can’t just keep putting carrot in front of the masses.

It’s time to demand more… of yourself! It’s time to verify (and that doesn’t mean go to your fact checker sites). It means do the hard work of learning more that they are telling you. Asking lots of questions. Building your network of individuals that can help you progress. Invest in yourself. Partner with families, enemies, and various individuals to make sure you have enough differing perspectives so that you aren’t fooled or “group thought” into bad decisions.

End the #Radical #Fake #Dystopian #Outrage, and be real change to yourself, your community, and your world. End #RFDO




Geek. Mentor. Father. 2–3 minute topics every day on the gram. linktr.ee/santoshum

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Santosh Mathew

Santosh Mathew

Geek. Mentor. Father. 2–3 minute topics every day on the gram. linktr.ee/santoshum

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